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Bolsa de plástico en el océano



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The Sea Needs Us

Despite recent progress, our ocean still faces serious threats: climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, etc. Separately they would be a challenge, but together they pose an existential danger to our survival.

If we do not want to lose the critical food, jobs and services that a healthy ocean provides, we must act now. And that is why our initiative aims to encourage individuals and organizations to use their influence to restore the health and productivity of our seas. This is why we have developed a detailed program of activities, focused on the areas of research, citizen science, sustainable innovation and environmental education.

What are our projects in the field of sustainability?


  • 4 programs using the ship as a scientific platform

  • 3 "citizen science" projects

  • 3 sustainable outreach programs

  • 3 renewable energy projects applied to the ship

  • 6 business development and Upcyling projects

Do you want to know more about the project?

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